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Impropriety (dark)
A Harry/Draco RPG
Log [PG-13] 
21st-May-2007 10:31 pm
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Who: Theodore and Graham
Where: Graham's room
When: After the fencing
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Graham and Theo talk. And snog. As they do.
Status: Complete.

Theodore sighed and knocked on Graham's door. "Graham? It's me."

Graham looked up from his book, staring at the door for a moment before he answered, "Come in."

Theo hesitated briefly, but turned the handle and pushed open the door and then shut it behind him. He was silent for a long moment, then finally said, "You've got potential, you know."

Graham stared at him, his pencil pressing hard into the paper of the book. "Potential, thank you," he said, glancing back down. He began to draw again, still pressing down harder than he normally did.

"Graham," Theo said, "if you were expecting a better showing on your first time, you're being rather ridiculous. I think I may safely say without conceit that I'm very good at swordplay, and I certainly have the benefit of experience."

"I wasn't expecting to do better than you," he replied, looking up at him just as the tip of the pencil broke. He scowled, setting the book down and turning to get another.

Theodore didn't answer, just looked at him, waiting. Waiting for something, anything from him.

"I don't know what I was expecting," he finally said, getting another. "But that wasn't all that surprising. The way things have been going."

Theo sighed. "Graham. I can be your teacher, or I can be your lover, but not at the same time. When we're in that room, I'm the former. If it were different, you'd never learn anything from me."

"That was teaching? And lover? You still are then," he murmured, putting the pencil down. "Couldn't tell."

"You were the one who walked out of the room that day, not me," Theodore said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I wanted you to come after me...you would've normally," Graham said quietly.

"Sometimes," he said softly, "chasing after people isn't the best thing to do."

Graham didn't reply to that, sighing as he moved back on the bed a bit. "You haven't even kissed me since I came."

He bit his lip and raked his fingers through his hair. "I didn't want you here because this isn't you," Theo said, a little helplessly, ignoring Graham's statement and trying in vain to explain the maelstrom of conflicting emotions beneath his cool exterior. "You aren't a killer, Graham, you aren't violent, you aren't made to cause pain. That's what I like about you, there's not a shred of cruelty in you and... and I don't want you to change," he whispered. "I don't ever want that for you."

"As much as I want to, I won't change. I'll learn how to swordfight, I'll learn new defense spells. I'll learn to fight, but I'll always be the same Graham. It's like learning a new style of drawing. No matter how badly you want to stick to it, you always have your own special way of doing it. It's still you, just a bit different," Graham tried to explain, his gaze softening as he watched Theo. "Now will you please just come here?"

Theodore walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, not quite looking at him. "You can't ever be quite the same person," he whispered, and looked down at his hands. "Never quite the same."

"I'm sorry," Graham apologized, looking down at his own hands. He rubbed at the smudges of lead.

Theo sighed. "I know I can't protect you forever, I do. I just..." he finally looked at Graham, almost pleading. "I just don't want you to live through what I have."

"I have to grow up, Theo," Graham said. "I know I have to."

"There's a difference between growing up and... and this," Theo said. "Tracey is grown up. I was never young."

"I need to know that the world isn't just full of happy wizards and pretty landscapes," he said, looking up at him. "If this is what it takes, that's fine."

Theo arched a brow. "I suppose that would explain why you're dating me," he said dryly.

"It's not just that and you know it, Theodore," Graham said, scowling a bit at him.

"Oh, the full name," he muttered. "I'm in trouble now."

Graham shook his head, shifting closer. "You said it's different out there, but here..."

Theo looked up at him. "Yes."

"Yes, what?" he asked, looking nervous.

"Yes, here." Theo said.

Graham still wasn't sure, but he leaned in close, kissing Theo on the cheek first. "I've missed you, really," he whispered.

Theo caught Graham's hand in his own. "I'm sorry," he said softly. "I've been a rather poor excuse for a boyfriend lately, I know.

Graham smiled softly, squeezing his hand. "I forgive you, anyway. You know I would..."

"Shouldn't have to," Theo answered.

"But I want to," Graham said.

Theo rolled his eyes. "I didn't say don't."

Graham turned, moving so he could rest his head on Theo's shoulder. "Whatever, Theo," he mumbled.

"Shush," Theo murmured, and reached up to thread his fingers in Graham's hair.

Graham closed his eyes with a soft sigh, leaning into the touch. He really did miss these simple touches.

Theo almost smiled, just for a moment."I still won't go easy on you, you know."

"I don't want you to. I won't learn anything if you go easy on me," he replied.

"That was rather the idea, yes," Theo answered. "Though I'll concede that possibly I should have let you learn the basics from Trace."

"Yeah...you'll probably keep backing me up into the wall everytime," Graham said.

Theo glanced at him sidelong. "And you'll probably be inclined to let me."

"Yeah, sure. Can't say I didn't like it," he answered, smiling a bit.

Theo shook his head slightly. "All I can say is, part of me dreads the day when Harry is actually matched against Draco. Can you imagine?"

"It'll be good for entertainment, that much is for sure."

"Never knew you were into voyeurism, Graham," Theo needled.

He blushed, glancing at him. "I didn't mean it in that way."


"Honest," Graham insisted.

Theo just raised an eyebrow.

"Really. I'd rather watch you and Draco anyway," he said, shrugging.

He laughed. "Well, you know, if I didn't think Harry would be opposed to the idea, we could talk."

"Or all of us," Graham murmured, smirking slightly as he leaned closer again. It really had been a while. Graham felt...deprived.

Theo nearly choked. There was no way he had heard that right. "Pardon?!"

Graham had the decency to blush. "Nothing, Theo."

Theo's eyebrow arched so high it nearly disappeared under his curls. "Oh, no. You can't say things like that and then just blithely gloss right over it, Pritchard."

"So you did hear me...I didn't really mean it," he said, still blushing.

Theo made a faintly disbelieving sound, but couldn't quite put his skepticism into anything more articulate at the moment.

"What? Would you want to?" Graham asked curiously.

"Graham," Theo said, "I'm sorry, did you really just ask me if I would want to have the three most attractive people I know in bed with me at once? Because I do believe that's a whole special kind of stupid question." He let out a breath and slid his arm around Graham's waist. "However," he added, "I'm with you, and would certainly never be the one to bring that sort of thing up of my own accord. I respect you more than that."

Graham smiled. "Just excuse my thoughts, Theo... I'm perfectly find with just you."

"You certainly needn't try and justify the idea to me," Theo said, and inwardly cringed, because that had really come out quite a bit breathier than it should have.

"Because now you're thinking about it," Graham said, still smiling.

"Lies," Theo said, without much conviction.

"Yeah, sure." He finally leaned in close to kiss his lips, sighing. "I actually don't know how that would work out..."

Theo kissed him back, letting his eyes fall shut until Graham pulled away. "It's a moot point, regardless," Theo replied.

"Doesn't mean we can't think about it," he replied. "But anyway, enough about them. More about us."

"And what did you have in mind, hm?"

"Oh, I don't know...maybe a reunion of sorts?" he asked, grinning.

The corners of Theo's lips quirked into a smile. "That could be arranged..."
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