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Impropriety (dark)
A Harry/Draco RPG
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5th-May-2007 02:55 am - Log [PG-13]
look up, suspicious
Who: Draco and Harry
Where: Room of Requirement
When: Late evening, a couple nights after the Hogsmeade attack.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Planning for the future.
Status: Complete

Are you coming over all heroic on me?Collapse )
16th-Apr-2007 11:46 pm(no subject)
Honestly, all of this stress is doing my head in. Bloody Death Eaters and all.

I need chocolate and to kick an elf.
16th-Apr-2007 11:42 pm - [Private to Slytherins and Harry]
look up, suspicious
Which Death Eater, exactly??
16th-Apr-2007 10:23 pm(no subject)
shock, what?
...Help me? Please?

Draco. Why aren't you here.

16th-Apr-2007 09:51 pm - [open journal]
Rawr Theo
No one save perhaps Hermione has any right to complain about their NEWTS to me. Anyone who does so will probably be hexed.

Fair warning.
16th-Apr-2007 09:47 pm - [open journal]
Why in the hell am I taking all these bloody NEWTS in, what, a month and a half, when I don't even know what I want to do with my life?

The educational system is a cruel mistress indeed.
16th-Apr-2007 09:44 pm - [open journal]
NEWTS. Are. Coming.

Please, kill me now. Hermione is already giving me a headache.
3rd-Mar-2007 02:45 pm - Locked to Harry.
the laughter in the garden.
Harry, mate, you alright? Heard about the fiasco with the paper... and, well, just wanted to make sure you're doing okay, I guess.
2nd-Mar-2007 04:45 pm - Locked to Draco
Hey, Draco...


I saw the Prophet...no.

...I'm sorry.
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