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A Harry/Draco RPG

Impropriety– A Harry/Draco RPG
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A Harry/Draco RPG

im·pro·pri·e·ty: 1: an improper or indecorous act or remark; especially: an unacceptable use of a word or of language; 2: the quality or state of being improper.
im·prop·er: 1: not proper; 2: : not in accord with fact, truth, or right procedure.

This is an AU, NC-17 rpg comm. This means there is explicit sexual content. We welcome slash (male/male sex), het (male/female sex) and femmeslash (female/female sex).

Impropriety is Harry Potter RPG with a Harry/Draco slant. The game is set post OotP and doesn't take into account most HBP canon.

Would you like to have some fluff in a smut RPG? Would you love your crack RPG to be serious from time to time? Or maybe have a RPG where everything is possible? Then Impropriety is the place for you. Because being proper is overrated.

How would everyday life be for our intrepid hero Harry Potter? What would happen when he has to deal with having a crush with his archenemy? Would he ever do well in Potions? This RPG is primarily about teenagers being teenagers, and how the deal with everything that it means, from the ever present teenage angst, sex and first love to dealing with friendship, jealousy, and self discovery. Sounds like your cup of tea? Then pull up a chintz armchair, grab some lemon drops, and watch the action!

Impropriety is closed to non-players, but please; feel free to watch the community!


Impropriety's prior plot is closed as of March 31st, 2006. Old entries and plot can be found in the archives; all plot after 3/31/2006, however, is completey unrelated as it takes place after the game's "restart."


•Posts can be in narrative, journal or action form. We advise the use of a lj-cut if the post is too long. If your post is specifically designated as a letter to another character, please label the cut as such and use the owl account.

•Even though posts don't have to be labeled, we encourage players to use a subject or header which will let other players know whether the post is an open (public) post or a private post between two or more characters. Posts which are part of a larger overarching plotline should be tagged accordingly so they can be easily found and referred back to if need be.

•Although it has already been mentioned we would like to emphasize that tags and lj-cuts and spell-checkers are your friends. Please use them accordingly.

•Players must put in an appearance at least once every two weeks. Exceptions will be made if there are unavoidable conflicts which a mod is informed of in advance, or some sort of horrible emergency arises which you explain afterward. We understand that life does get in the way, but we do like to plan accordingly.

•Plots and possible arcs must be announced and/or discussed with fellow players depending on the impact they are bound to have in the general plot.

•DO NOT steal ideas from other RPGs. It's plagarism, it's both illegal and a horrible thing to do, and it starts RPG wars. Don't do it. And don't think I won't find out, because I WILL. If you don't believe me, players, ask around.

•We try to give as realistic as possible feel to the game, as realistic as things can be in the HP world. Plot must be, therefore, thought with this in mind. Although we don't have restrictions to possible plots, we urge you to come with plots that can be followed through and that do not crash with the general feeling of the game.

•All OOC discussion will be conducted on the OOC community, improper_talk. All posts on the OOC comm must be friendslocked.

•Finally, please be courteous to your fellow players. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in this RP; that's the entire point. And if problems arise, please try to work it out amongst yourselves or talk to the mods if need be.

Everyone is a 7th Year unless otherwise indicated.

Harry Potter: potterfied
Ginny Weasley: intothe_fire (6th year)
Hermione Granger: mistress_mione
Ron Weasley: ron_theking
Neville Longbottom: OPEN
Seamus Finnigan: seamuslikesit
Dean Thomas: thedean_machine
Lavender Brown: lav_starstruck

Draco Malfoy: slyth_iceprince
Pansy Parkinson: indulgent_decay
Blaise Zabini: naughtyblaise4u
Theodore Nott: nottsofast
Morag MacDougal: embrace_thesun
Tracey Davis: traces_of_light
Daphne Greengrass: daph_grass
Millicent Bulstrode: OPEN
Graham Pritchard: vague_indecency (6th year)

Lisa Turpin: ravenhair_lissy
Luna Lovegood: a_bit_corky (6th year)
Michael Corner: boybird
Terry Boot: OPEN

Megan Jones: OPEN
Zacharias Smith: smithtastic
Owen Cauldwell: owen_orbust (6th year)

Remus Lupin: OPEN - Graduate, Gryffindor
Severus Snape: prof_sev Potions Master, Slytherin
Bill Weasley: egyptian_fang Graduate, Gryffindor
Oliver Wood: icallit_wood Flying Instructor, Gryffindor
Fred and George Weasley: dont_tellmum Graduates, Gryffindor
Katie Bell: bellsringing Graduate, Gryffindor

Quick Links:
Main community: impropriety_rpg
OOC community: improper_talk
Fiction community: improper_fic
Mod journal: almighty_mod

Ambiguous Desires: ambiguousdesire
Anything Goes: anythinggoes_hp
Chaos Theory: hp_chaos_theory
Inside The Night: insidethenight


We are still casting for various characters. Anyone wishing to join should go to the character list at the Modly Journal to see the list of needed/wanted characters.

If you wish to apply please send the following application to both of the mods at loony_luna_6@yahoo.com and sillysnacks456@hotmail.com. Please use "Impropriety Application" in the subject line.

1. Your name, age, and timezone
2. Character name
3. Character description/how you intend to play the role
4. A brief writing sample (LJ-style first-person, in character)
5. Optionally, you may include a short narrative writing sample (3rd person, past tense)

Moderated by slyth_iceprince and potterfied as almighty_mod. Comm graphics made by eikon25 based on graphics by Eneadart.